Gmail Support to Google Sync on iphone and ipad

Through this post today I let you know how easily you can synchronize your mail, contacts, calendar etc in Gmail. But before that we should know what actually Google sync is. As we know that the Google offers us several wonderful features to make our task simple and easy. Exactly in the same manner Google introduce one new feature called Google sync.

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If any of the users enable this feature in their iphone and ipad, they can easily access their data globally. The positive impact of this feature is that, you’re all data saves here and you didn’t have to worry about that. Through this feature user can easily synchronize their all mails, calendar etc in their mobile device and also setup alert for their incoming messages and upcoming meetings. Now first of all you have to create sync in your computer for this:

  • Click on chrome menu on top right corner of your window.
    Then select setting & sign in chrome.
  • After that click on advanced sync setting button in sign in section.
  • Under the encryption option you have to choose encrypt all synced data with your own sync pass phrase.
  • Then create or confirm the sync pass phrase & click OK.

This Google sync is perfectly working with iphone, ipad, android, windows mobile, PC and other platforms. But unfortunately some of the user didn’t know how to set up the Google/Gmail sync in iphone and ipad. If you are looking for this solution then quickly go with the below steps for setup.

  • First of all you have to launch the setting app from your home screen.
  • After that click on calendar then click on account and click on add account.
  • Now click on exchange and enter your Gmail or Google email and password.
  • Once you enter your email address and password then click on Next.
  • After that enter the as the server.
  • Here you have to leave the domain field blank.
  • Then enter your full email address and tap next.
  • Now click on each service which you want to sync with your phone like mail, contact, calendar etc.
  • And finally click on saves button. Here you successfully complete your sync process in your iphone and ipad.

In future if found some other issues related with Gmail then immediately contact to Gmail technical support for appropriate solution.

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